Reuben Hills – Sydney’s best cafe?

Reuben Hills – 61 Albion St, Surry Hills.

A few days before I arrived back in Sydney, a few friends were talking about trying this newly opened cafe in Surry Hills – Reuben Hills. I couldn’t help but think – “exactly what Sydney needs – another cafe in Surry Hills”…I proceeded to google this place and found that it was rated by SMH’s good food guide as Sydney’s Best Cafe 2012 (link). Big shoes to fill – expectations were high!


We (group of 4) rocked up at 11am and were faced with a large crowd outside the entrance, but were pleasantly surprised when the wait was only about 20 minutes. We sat inside on the bench and ordered some OJ while waiting.

What we ate:

  • Baked Corn Tortillas, queso, beans & chorizo grits ($15): was very yummy, but the portion was quite small. I would’ve been hungry if I just had this for breakfast.
  • SOFT Baked Eggs – with shaved jamon, wilted spinach ranchero sauce & rye sourdough ($16): eggs were awesome – the sauce was just perfect with the soft baked eggs, HOWEVER, the jamon didn’t quite do it for me. I would have preferred chorizo or sausage instead.
  • Roast corn, root vegetable & habernero soup with corn tortillas ($11): this soup was AMAZING. We poked fun at M for ordering this, but for me, this was the best dish. The soup was perfect for a cold Sydney winters day and had a zing to it that only Mexican or Indian food can have.
  • Spice grilled chicken fillet, Tomatillo salsa, cheese, pickles & chipotle aioli on brioche ($15): this was one monster of a brioche sandwich – more like a burger. C had this and by looking at how quickly he finished it, it looked good.
  • Baleada – free range eggs,queso fresco, pulled Pimenton pork, chimol ($13): the baleada originates from Honduras and is a wheat flour tortilla, folded in half and typically filled with fried beans. I opted for the one with the pork. It was definitely tasty, on the heavier side, but seemed more a lunch-time dish than for brunch. It did feel a tad incomplete as there were no veggies (or anything else) to balance it.

The drinks: The salted caramel shake was amazing – highly recommended! The white chocolate espresso shake and the lattes were good, but the green tea was unimpressive.

the verdict: 8/10 – food was very tasty, coffee & shakes hit the spot, service was in line. also great value by Sydney standards. for me, the food needs a bit more bite for it to earn its Best Cafe 2012 badge.

dont forget to order: the salted caramel shake. just incredible.

to try next time: the Doggs breakfast (icecream sandwich w. salted caramel) – it was too cold & early in the morning for it this time!!

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One thought on “Reuben Hills – Sydney’s best cafe?

  1. You have a way to describe food that makes my mouth water. Please rock up to more places, you globe trotter. Instagram your way into ruining diets!

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