Stitch Bar – bringing some 1920s glamour back into Sydney!

Stitch Bar – 61 York St, Sydney.

While the restaurant scene in Sydney is extraordinary, the same could not be said about the bar scene…a year ago. Things have changed since then. I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole bunch of small bars pop up around the CBD…a number of which would make even Melbournians a tad jealous.

My dear friend suggested we meet for dinner at Stitch Bar – I was surprised given she is also a foodie and generally values a good meal over a drink. She assured me that it wasn’t only known for its cocktails but also its food. I was not disappointed!!

Finding Stitch Bar on York St is not a straight forward exercise…it’s easy to walk past it even if you have been there more than once. There’s no sign – I found the number 61 and walked into the entrance. By the entrance was what seemed like a closet – with hangers, jackets and tape…ahhh, Stitch Bar! I proceeded down the wide, lit up stairs down to a wonderfully decorated basement bar, where you see a magnificent 1920s style bar. It was 5.55pm on a Tuesday night and it was full…I put my name down for a table for 4, for which the waitress told me she wasn’t sure how long the wait would be. I sat by the bar and ordered a pinot noir, only to find the area below the counter was lined with old Singer sewing machines…!

Clockwise from top: the bar, the closet by the entrance, a sewing machine under
the bar counter, the menu

The drinks: Stitch Bar is known for the cocktails – the list is impressive, although pricey ($17 – $24). I tried the Money Magic – a concoction of cachaca with apple juice, vanilla syrup, lime and ginger beer. I was also delighted to see a comprehensive wine list, so we tried the Mt Moriac pinot noir and the Bonnachi chianti, both were great. Beer lovers will be disappointed as there is no beer on offer.

Clockwise from top: Monkey Magic, curly fries to accompany our drinks, an interesting booth
for 2 facing a wall…!?!

The food – what we ate:

  • Curly fries with chilli seasoning ($6): great to have with your drinks, especially while waiting for your table!
  • Spicy lamb burger with coriander, cheese, walnut sauce, vine ripened tomato & iceberg lettuce ($18): I haven’t had a good lamb burger in a LONG time. This one just hit the spot, with the spice and coriander a great touch to the well cooked lamb.
  • Mack Ducky Dog – Duck, orange and pistachio sausage. With Foie gras de canard & truffle sauce ($19): this is my pick – the truffle sauce on this was just incredible! V even licked the truffle sauce off her fingers!
  • Bulldog – Hot ‘n’ spicy pork dog. With pinto beans, jalapenos, spicy tomato & avocado salsa ($17): very tasty hot dog, but beware, it’s very spicy.
  • Drunken skirt taco – Tequila & citrus marinated skirt steak. Queso fresco. Avocado & tomatillio salsa ($18): while I didn’t try this, this was T’s favourite as a regular to this bar.
Clockwise from top: Bulldog, Mack Ducky Dog, Spicy Lamb Burger, Drunken Skirt Taco

the verdict: 9/10 – extremely impressive drinks & amazing food (this place is known for its gourmet hot dogs & burgers). awesome ambience with the ‘stitch’ theme – you feel like you’re sitting in a 1920s speakeasy! my only complaint was the music got too loud, making it difficult to converse.

dont forget to order: macky duck dog. the truffle sauce is amazing.

to try next time: MORE DRINKS! also the french poodle – a hot dog with a toulouse style sausage, brie, pickled pear & dijon sauce.

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