Circa – a small piece of inner city charm in Parra!

Circa – 21 Wentworth St, Parramatta.

Breakfast in Parra we decided. C asked me to meet her at this new cafe in Parra called ‘Circa’. As a Sydney-sider, breakfast/brunch out generally comes with high expectations. C has good taste, so I figured the cafe would be decent – I was actually pleasantly surprised! Circa was a breath of fresh air to grace the Parra cafe scene, lifting above the general level of mediocrity that is characteristic of much of suburban Sydney.

It’s actually quite easy to miss Circa as you drive along Wentworth St – it’s located in a small laneway – how very Melbourne-esq! Look out for a striking mural –  its a totally funky (& spectacular!) entrance as you walk into the long, narrow cafe. To be honest, I felt like I was in a cafe in Annandale or the trendy side of Redfern…not Parra!

The funky mural by the entrance

We went on a Thursday at 10.30am so found a table very easily. I would imagine this place would get quite packed on a weekend. Beware, this place is not big-group friendly, with most of the tables seating 2 or 3.

The drinks: C got the soy flat white, which she was satisfied with and I got the honey soaked chai – soooo good! I’m very fussy about my chai, and this is really one of the better ones around Sydney (big tick!).

Soy flat white

Honey soaked chai

The food: both C and I ordered the baked eggs with sujuk, chili, tomato and danish fetta ($13) – this dish was delicious, the highlight being the sujuk. I had to google ‘sujuk’ while I was there – turns out it’s a spicy Turkish sausage. Tastes just like chorizo – yummm….! If I had to be really picky, I would say there was a tad too much tomato in this dish, but other than that, it really hit the spot!

Baked eggs with sujuk, danish feta, tomato and chilli

the verdict: 8/10 – food & drinks were great, although would like to try more dishes next time. a funky spot – a much needed addition to the Parra cafe scene.

dont forget to order: the baked eggs. super.

to try next time: french toast with poached rhubarb, labne & pistachio. cannot wait to try this classic combination of middle-eastern favourites on french toast! 

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