Your favourite ‘hatted’ dish?

This post is inspired by last night’s episode of Masterchef Australia, where the 4 contestants were asked to cook a dish they considered to be 3 hat quality.

What exactly is a ‘hatted’ dish? My interpretation – a dish that would not only be served in a hatted restaurant (SMH Hats), but would be good enough to bring you back to the restaurant.

For me, 3 dishes come to mind:

1. Twiced baked Heidi gruyere cheese souffle from Lolli Redini. Souffles, particularly cheese souffles, are extremely difficult to get right. Lolli does an amazing job at this – despite being a cheese souffle, it’s just so light and fluffy!

2. The signature snapper pie with smoked tomato & mashed potato from the Boathouse at Blackwattle Bay. I didn’t understand how a darn snapper pie could have so much hype…until I tried it. Simply amazing – the snapper is cooked to perfection and the pastry is just crispy enough – comfort food with the sophistication of fine dining, perfect for winter. A must for all seafood lovers.

3. Eight texture chocolate cake at Quay – need I say more? This is pure decadence! Hands down, the best chocolate dessert I’ve had. I would go back to Quay just for this.

This would be my idea of a perfect meal.

What is your favourite ‘hatted’ dish??


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