Fico Wine Bar – Surry Hills’ best kept secret

Fico Wine Bar – 544 Bourke St, Surry Hills.

There’s something incredibly charming and romantic about wine bars. Just that something. Fico is no different.

N had recently discovered Fico, and knowing how much I love wine, she had been dying to take me there. Boy, was I impressed.

We walked in around 9pm on a Saturday night for post-dinner dessert & drinks and were pleasantly surprised to find the place relatively quiet. If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s waiting for a table for a drink. We were greeted by a very friendly man of Italian descent (who I assumed was the owner) and showed to the back of the bar for a cozy area that would comfortably seat 4.

Clockwise from top left: the unassuming entrance, beautiful columns in the interior, the main bar area, beautifully decorated red baroque interior

The menu offered a drink that would appeal to everyone – well, almost. On offer was wine, beer, spirits and even limoncello. V, however, was in the mood for coffee – one drink Fico could not offer that night. The waitress politely explained that they were still on the lookout for a coffee machine that would suit their restricted space.  In terms of food, there was Italian style small plate appetisers on offer as well as dessert. We had just eaten dinner so opted for the latter.

Given the large Italian influence on the wine selection, the waitress kindly offered to help us given most Australians are unfamiliar with the nuances of Italian wine and helped us select our wine. Upon spotting a zinfandel on the menu, I ordered the primitivo ($10) and was incredibly satisfied with my selection. N, who prefers a lighter red, ordered the montepulciano d’abruzzo ($12) and V, who was actually in the mood for coffee, ordered the soave ($12) which was a slightly sweeter white from the Veneto region. Both were delighted with their drops.

We ordered the tasting plate of tiramisu, panna cotta and passionfruit mousse ($15) to share between 3 of us, as M declared that he wanted to order a serving of tiramisu ($5) all to himself. The dessert did not disappoint – the tiramisu was perfect, the panna cotta with caramel was delicious and the mousse with the fruitiness offered a great balance to the rest of the tasting plate. Tasting plates can be great, but also not – I just dont like sharing dessert!!

Clockwise from top: dessert tasting plate, tiramisu, cosy tables

We left extremely satisfied and were shown out to the door by the owner and waitress. A great touch to end a near perfect experience.

the verdict: 9.5/10 – a beautifully decorated and cozy wine bar with all the perks of Italian hospitality right here in Sydney. perfect for a first date.

dont forget to order: the dessert tasting plate + your choice of red 🙂

to try next time: selection of cheeses & cured meat. and the limoncello.

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