33 food items worth travelling across the world for…

Today, a friend from across the world sent me a link to an article that lists “33 foods worth travelling across the world just to eat”. Have a read – its a great article.

It got me thinking. Obviously, putting together such a list is an incredibly subjective exercise. I’ve decided to put my own list together – to make it easier to narrow down, I’ve broken it down into 13 savoury, 10 desserts, 10  drinks. While I probably haven’t eaten in as many countries as the author of that article, only five items in my list overlap with the authors’ (in italics). Also, bear in mind that I dont eat beef – so this would probably miss steak and wagyu beef that is so popular with foodies. And rather than thinking too much about it, which would make this impossible, I’ve listed the first 33 items that come to mind – often with food, follow your gut (literally)!!

Here is my list:


  1. Paella (Spain) – prawns, squid, mussels, chicken and the most important – chorizo. Just incredible – every time I ordered it in Barcelona.
  2. Tagine (Morocco) – while I haven’t been to Morocco, I have had many tagines at Sydney’s favourite Moroccan restaurant – Kazbah. I love how perfectly cooked the meat is in a tagine and the array of flavours that come out at you when the lid is opened.
  3. Gnocci with fresh truffles (Italy) – gnocci is one of those dishes that is very difficult to do well. However, when it is, and when combined with truffles – OMG!
  4. Cheese souffle (France) – I’ve had two amazing cheese souffles in this life – one from Paree, France and the other from a town in Australia called Orange (Lolli Redini).
  5. Chaat (Delhi, India) – seriously, no other city in the world beats Delhi when it comes to chaat. My favourite is papdi chaat and raj kachori, the latter which I tried for the first time last month (shame on me). Haldirams, an institution in Delhi, gets my vote here.
  6. Kerala prawn curry (Kerala, India) – seafood in Kerala is to die for. If you’re ever there, try the Kerala prawn curry – it is AMAZING. Have it with an appam or Kerala style rice and you’re in foodie heaven.
  7. Penang curry with chicken (Thailand) – while I’ve never been to Thailand, this dish is a staple for me in Australia. I never go to a Thai restaurant without ordering it.
  8. Roti canai (Malaysia) – amazing. Try it in the streets of Kuala Lampur, or in Mamak in Sydney.
  9. Eggs benedict with salmon (Tasmania, Australia) – the salmon in Australia is the best I’ve had, and most fresh in Tasmania. Pair it with Australia’s favourite brekky dish – the eggs benny – and you have yourself a winner.
  10. Gyro (New York) – I’ve had gyros in Greece, but my favourite has to be from the street vendors in New York. So tasty!
  11. Burger (New York) – undoubtedly from Shake Shack in New York. As a non beef eater, I go for the ‘Shroom burger – amazing.
  12. Huevos racheros (Mexico) – I’ve never been to Mexico, BUT, this dish is my favourite breakfast dish all throughout the US. My favourite so far has been from Sabrina’s in Philadelphia. I love the combination of the guac with the tortilla, chilli and eggs.
  13. Ceviche (Peru) – I love the citrusy-ness (is that a word?) of the ceviche – so fresh!


  1. Portugese custard tarts (Portugal) – I’ve never been to Portugal, but these tarts are found throughout the world. They are so accessible in Sydney, being showcased in most cafes here.
  2. Creme catalina (Barcelona, Spain) – Spain’s version of the creme brulee, albeit creamier and more rustic – so good!
  3. Banoffee pie (England) – it’s so hard to find this gem in other parts of the world! I had my first one in Goa, India surprisingly – it’s an amazing combination of banana, toffee, cream and biscuit base. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like bananas.
  4. Nutella crepes (Paris, France) – crepes in France are just so light and delicate, so add some nutella from a street vendor in Paris – and you have an incredibly simple yet tasty treat.
  5. Chocolate fondant (France) – just amazing. I love a good fondant anywhere in the world.
  6. Chocolate mousse (France) – I love how light and fluffy the mousse is in its birthplace.
  7. Cannoli (Italy) – the best cannoli has a very soft yet crispy shell, with a light and fluffy cream filling . The best one I’ve had outside Italy was actually at Mike’s, in Little Italy in Boston. I couldn’t stop myself at one.
  8. Jelebi (Delhi, India) – made hot hot and so fresh on the streets of Delhi. My favourite one was the one I had off a jelebi-wala in Chandni Chowk.
  9. Ras gulla (Calcutta, India) – my favourite Indian sweet. I still haven’t been to Calcutta, but the minute I get off the plane, I know what I’m getting.
  10. New York cheesecake (New York, USA) – I love cheesecakes, but a classic New York cheesecake is irresistible. Add a bit of caramel topping and…


  1. Sangria (Spain) – red wine, fruits, a bit of fizz – need I say more?
  2. Any red from Bordeaux (France) – I love red wine. I chose Bordeaux because I’ve never picked up a Bordeaux red and not liked it.
  3. Limoncello (Italy) – the perfect liqueur to finish off a lovely meal.
  4. Cappuccino (Italy) – while I’m not a massive coffee fan, I found the coffee in Italy to be unparalleled to any other.
  5. Hot chocolate (Switzerland) – I AM a chocolate fan, and boy was the hot chocolate good in Switzerland! The Swiss know their chocolate, and I did not have one bad hot choc during my whole trip. Outside of Switzerland, I love the hot chocolate from the Lindt Cafe in Sydney.
  6. Apple tea (Turkey) – I had my first sip in Istanbul and was totally hooked. It was my staple drink throughout my trip.
  7. Masala chai (India) – sooo comforting! I love tea, and my favourite type is the masala chai from India.
  8. Milkshake (New York, USA) – the Americans know how to do them properly! Try the one at Shake Shack in NYC.
  9. Long island iced tea (Long Island?, USA) – one of my favourite cocktails, this potent drink is just awesome.
  10. Mojito (Cuba) – I have never been to Cuba, but when I do go, this will be the drink I will be having everywhere. I’d like to try one at the birthplace of the mojito in Havana, La Bodeguita del Medio, a place that was frequented by Ernest Hemingway.

What’s in your list??


4 thoughts on “33 food items worth travelling across the world for…

  1. That list of 33 foods is incredible…and inspiring. Might have to work our way through the ones we haven’t eaten yet!

    Oh and the Mojitos in Havana are really good nearly everywhere (and great value especially compared to the price and quality of food there) but particularly lovely at Hotel Ambos Mundos – you get a gorgeous view as you peer out from the rooftop terrace AND its where Hemingway lived while he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls. Pretty great vibe and history in the place.

  2. This is a fantastic list Sat, I love how you included beverages as well!

    I was just back in the US (Phoenix) a few months ago and a good Mexican friend of mine made some outstanding huevos rancheros for breakfast – sprinkled with white cheese and doused in red sauce – so so good!

  3. Thanks Mark! Huevos rancheros with red sauce sounds yummmmmm, esp when it’s homemade – lucky you! Cant wait to try the real thing in Mexico one day!

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