Grill’d – just another burger joint?

Grill’d – 310 Church St, Parramatta (just one of the many branches around Sydney).

There aren’t many places in Sydney that specialise in gourmet burgers. So I was pleased to come across Grill’d, a chain making “healthy burgers” (does that even exist?) using only the freshest ingredients. Self-proclaimed:

Finally a burger you can have, without having a hangover first.

I visited the Parramatta outlet, which was very nicely fitted out. It was nice to see Grill’d undertaking a local community initiative called ‘Local Matters‘ where every month they donate $500 to the local community. It’s nice that they try and involve customers in this initiative – you get a bottle top with every burger and you decide which out of the 3 local groups they would like to support. At the end of the month, the tokens are counted and the tokens are split $300 / $100 / $100 based on the count. A neat initiative, although a little complicated – it feels like you have to do a fair bit of reading to figure out what its actually about.

Clockwise from top left: Grill’d, interior, tables at the side, ‘local matters’ – Grill’d local community initiative

What we ate:

  • Moroccan lamb ($12.90): Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad & relish. The lamb was cooked very well and was complimented really nicely by the tzatziki and the relish. I had the traditional bun with it – for me, there was too much bun in it, I ended up taking the top half of the bun off.
  • Tuscan delight ($12.50): Grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, basil pesto, tasty cheese, salad & herbed mayo. C had it with a panini bun, she cleaned it up.
  • Hot chips ($4.50): Thick-cut chips with Grill’d herb mix. Very nice, the herb mix was a nice touch.

I was a bit bummed to see that there were no specialty drinks on offer – they just had the usual canned / bottled stuff and some beers and wine. Would’ve been great to see some shakes or gourmet fizzy drinks e.g. specialty lemonade.

Clockwise from top left: Moroccan lamb burger, the menu, Tuscan chicken burger & fries, bottle top we received with our meal to support a community group

the verdict: 7/10 – while it’s no shake shack (nyc), grill’d does do a decent gourmet burger. would be great to see some shakes being added to the menu.

dont forget to order: the moroccan lamb burger 🙂

to try next time: the hot hombre chicken burger – grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, Spanish onion & crispy tortilla chip.

Grill'd Healthy Burgers on Urbanspoon


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