Sydney’s best hot chocolate?

The best hot chocolate I’ve ever had was in a cafe in a small alley in Venice, Italy. It was to die for.

While I’ve never had one so incredible in Sydney, there are definitely some great options. Granted some local cafes make great hot chocolates, 4 well-known chocolate bars come to mind. Here’s what I think of each:

  • Adora Chocolates – milk hot chocolate ($6): just delish. I love the fact that the chocolate is at the bottom so you can mix as much as you want – or not. I like to have the milk with the chocolate shavings first and then proceed to the melted chocolate at the bottom 🙂 It’s great value at $6 as it includes a hand-made chocolate of your choice.
  • Lindt Cafe – milk hot chocolate ($7): this has been my favourite hot chocolate over the years. You get a pot of chocolate and a pot of milk separately – so you get to choose exactly how rich you would like it 🙂 I had it recently and yes, it was still absolutely delish, but didn’t feel like great value at $7. Everything at the Lindt cafe has gone up in price so much in the last few years – a piece of cake is $13!
  • Max Brenner – hot chocolate w crunchy waffle balls ($6): my fave hot chocolate from the bald man – the crunchy waffle balls are such a great touch to the understated yet extremely tasty hot chocolate. I love the cute ‘hugmug’ that it’s served in, although sometimes hard to drink out of, particularly when it’s just served.
  • San Churro Spanish hot chocolate ($5.90): I absolutely adore San Churro, however, their signature Spanish hot chocolate is just too thick for me. I will have to try their other types of hot chocolate to do them justice.

Clockwise from top left: Adora, Lindt Cafe, San Churro, Max Brenner

the verdict: adora chocolates’ milk chocolate is my new favourite hot chocolate in sydney. super yummy, great value with a hand made chocolate on the side!


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