My favourite breakfast dish…

…has got to be huevos rancheros.

Before coming to the US last year, I would have said eggs benedict, but this dish blew me away. I love eggs, spice and Mexican food – this dish is the perfect amalgamation of all these for breakfast 🙂 It’s a popular breakfast dish in the US, brought over from Mexico – the basic version is fried eggs on lightly fried corn tortillas topped with tomato-chilli sauce. “Huevos rancheros” basically means “ranchers’s eggs” (huevos = eggs, rancheros = ranchers). Here’s one I got to try on a recent trip to Mexico:

Huevos rancheros in Mexico

Of course, this basic version is often dressed up with sides of refried beans, rice, avocado or guacamole. Or anything more really.

The best huevos rancheros I’ve had so far in the US was from a popular brunch place in Philly called Sabrina’s – “2 blue corn tortillas topped with our smoky chorizo sausage sauce. Finished with lime sour cream and spicy red pepper guacamole and 2 fried eggs. Topped with fried jalapeno peppers”. OMG. I would put up with the hour long wait for a table just for this amazing dish. Note how dressed up this is compared to the simple version above.

Huevos rancheros from Sabrina’s in Philly


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