Foreign Cinema – a SF brunch institution!

Foreign Cinema – 2534 Mission Street, San Francisco (Mission).

Foreign Cinema was on my list of places to try (here). It was probably at the top of my list given everyone who has lived in SF raves about it – so much so that I’ve been…4 times in the last 2 months. It’s touted as one of “7 killer brunches” in SF (here) – it hasn’t disappointed. The sunshine streaming through the open patio in the middle is enough to bring a smile to anyone who walks in for a weekend brunch. I love this place because it makes me happy every time I go there.

Exterior & red carpet as you walk in 🙂

Clockwise from top left: interior with balcony at the rear, bar area, interior

What we drank:

  • English breakfast tea ($4): a very nice blend, perfect for tea lovers for brunch
  • House made organic strawberry soda ($5): so refreshing on a warm Sunday! Totally loved this – so fruity and tangy – this would be my pick of the non-alcoholic drinks.
  • House made lavender lemonade ($5): also very refreshing, it was cool to actually taste the lavender which doesn’t seem artificial.
  • Abita Root Beer, Louisana ($4): gourmet root beer – again refreshing and very tasty!

Clockwise from top left: english breakfast tea, strawberry soda, lavender lemonade, Abita root beer

And what we ate:

  • Slow-cooked brown sugar bacon ($6.50): three words – O.M.G. Totally amazing, do not leave this place without ordering this. The bacon was sooo yummy and the caramelisation makes it just amazing.
  • Mixed organic fruit, honey yogurt, almonds, mint, saba ($7.50): despite being “just” fruits, honey and nuts, this was totally amazing. The fruits were so fresh and it was the perfect mix of honey, almonds and yoghurt with the mint a great finish to the dish.
  • “Hangover soup” – a poached farm egg in rich tomato-red pepper broth, chicken, croutons, lime ($12): this is known as one of FC’s signature dishes for brunch, so I ordered it. I was however, disappointed – maybe I needed to be hungover to properly enjoy this? I found it somewhat bland, would’ve preferred a bit of spice to the tomato broth.
  • Oysters (around $3 each): we asked the waitress to mix us half-a-dozen of her faves, so we got 3 different varieties. Really fresh and the dressing was reallllly good! 🙂
  • Rich duck liver mousse bruschetta, field greens, balsamica ($10): my friend ordered this – a great dish, however, not “brunchy” enough for me. Also, I personally am not a huge fan of duck liver.
  • Robust Persian flat omelet, green chilies, ginger, garlic, tomato chutney, chicken sausage, sliced avocado ($16.50): really yummy! Totally love the spiciness of this dish and the combination of the chicken sausage, chutney and avocado – really well balanced.
  • Slow-cooked Berkshire pork, poached eggs, queso fresco, mojo verde, tortilla ribbons ($17.00): what can I say? I totally love poached eggs and this was YUMMY. This dish keeps changing each week – I tried the duck (below) and the chicken also, but the pork was by far my favourite, esp with the tortilla ribbons. FC bring back the tortilla ribbons!

Clockwise from top left: menu, slow-cooked sugar bacon, mixed organic fruit & yoghurt & honey, the hangover soup

Clockwise from top left: oysters (mixed), duck liver mousse, Persian flat omelet, duck & poached eggs

the verdict: 9/10 – a unique and delicious brunch menu, in a beautiful setting that brings a smile to your face on any weekend 🙂 do not leave SF without trying it!

don’t forget to order: the slow-cooked sugar bacon & the poached eggs

to try next time: the other two signature dishes – the organic fruit “Pop Tarts” for brunch and the Fried Chicken for dinner 
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