36 hours in Hong Kong – how much can one eat??

I recently stopped over in Hong Kong to visit a couple of my good friends. This wasn’t my first time there, so I didn’t do much of the “touristy” stuff (besides The Peak!). Instead my two lovely friends decided to show me around to all their favourite food places – in an effort to try as much as I could, I literally stuffed my face. I DONT THINK I’VE EVER EATEN AS MUCH IN 36 HOURS!!!

The theme of the two days was “pace yourself” – dont eat too much at each place – instead, try everything in limited portions, so that you can maximise the # of things you can eat.

My whirlwind itinerary is as follows (yes, this was all in 36 hours):

  1. [Day 1, Morning] Egg tarts & a light dose of dim sum for breakfast from the local bakery. SO GOOD. One of my favourite things to do in HK is to wake up and have a couple of egg tarts, fresh out of the oven.
  2. [Day 1, Afternoon] Snacking at IFC while waiting for F to finish work – a fruit cup (the dragon fruit in the fruit cup caught my eye – so good!), followed by a Japanese red bean bun. Add to that a vanilla flavoured tea from LGB at IFC.
  3. [Day 1, Evening] A drink at the spectacular Aqua Spirit (rated in the top 100 restaurants in the world by Conde Naste, and one of the world’s best bars).
  4. [Day 1, Night] A feast at the Peking Garden Restaurant, featuring my newly found favourite peking duck. I recently tried Peking Duck for the first time in recent history in San Francisco (yes, pretty late to the game, but better late than never!) so when F and Y asked what I felt like having for dinner, I didn’t hesitate to say Peking Duck. The one I had in Chinatown in SF was amazing, so I was curious to see what it tasted like in Asia itself. Boy, was it good! It was interesting to note that here, they didn’t just serve the skin of the duck but also the meat as well. SO SO GOOD. We had some other really yummy things, but in all honesty, I was just there for the peking duck and cant even remember the rest of the meal. I was so stuffed.
  5. [Day 1, Night] The plan was to try some Japanese sake after dinner, but I’m not sure if it was jet lag, or pure food coma from the peking duck – I was out.
  6. [Day 2, Morning] I was still full from dinner. BUT, F and B both took a day off work today and assured me that there was this awesome dim sum place in IFC – Tim Ho Wan – that had a 1 Michelin Star!!! It was a clean, unassuming place that looked more like a chain restaurant so I was skeptical. However, I was not disappointed. I had the BEST FRIED PORK BUN ever! Amazing! As a bonus, I learnt to better my food i-photography skills from my Asian neighbour, who seemed to have the concentration of a heart surgeon when taking a photo of her pork bun.
  7. [Day 2, Afternoon] We made a trip out to The Peak, given I had never been before. Amazing views, but more interestingly, I was surprised at how commercial it was. There was a whole shopping complex at The Peak, decked out with yummy restaurants and cafes (go figure, we’re in HK!). We made a pit stop at Tai Cheong Bakery for some egg tarts – the original branch in Central is known to have the best egg tarts in HK. I was slightly disappointed with my tart – although it was baked freshly, the inside was not as soft as the one I had at F’s local bakery. Maybe my expectations were too high?
  8. [Day 2, Afternoon] There was 1 thing in HK I wanted to eat at the outset – the mango dessert at one of the many dessert bars in the city. I was disappointed to find out that my favourite one opposite Times Square in Causeway Bay had shutdown, replaced by a fancy international boutique 😦 However, I did get my fix at another nearby one at Causeway Bay. I’m not sure how you say it in english, but I managed to track down the dessert join on Open Rice (here). I got the Mango in Mango and Sago. YUMMMMMMMMM. If there’s one thing you must eat in Hong Kong, it’s this.
  9. [Day 2, Afternoon] I dont know how I got roped into this, but I had half of B’s bun slathered with butter and sweetened condensed milk. yum. By this stage, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.
  10. [Day 2, Afternoon] Yes, the afternoon continues. Next stop was for my taro green bubble tea with pearls from the famous Eslite Tea Room in the new Taiwanese bookstore that opened up in Lee Gardens. I loved the bubble tea, because unlike Australia and the US where pearl tea is ridiculously sweet, this taro green tea was just sweet enough.
  11. [Day 2, Evening] Dinner at Pang’s Kitchen in Happy Valley, which apparently also has an equivalent 1 Michelin star. Again, my hosts did not disappoint. There was a lot of deep fried food – I actually cant remember now – this meal was a bit of a blur as I was so full from a day of gorging. My personal favourite was the garlic chicken – SO GOOD!
  12. [Day 2, Night] Yes, there is always room for dessert 🙂 We went to B’s favourite Sift – a boutique patisserie in Central – and sampled pretty much all their desserts. My favourite was the Sift signature chocolate cake – “Signature chocolate cake, praline crunch, Valrhona 40% cremeux, chocolate fudge cake”. Their chocolate pavlova with champagne jelly was also interesting.
  13. [Day 2, Night] What better way to round off a jam-packed 36 hours in HK with a relaxing drink at Red, which has amazing views of Victoria Harbour – a bar I used to go after work on my visits to HK.

Clockwise from top left: fresh egg tarts from the local bakery, the stunning views at Aqua, the amazing fried pork bun, the rest of the dim sum feast

HK 2

Clockwise from top left: view from The Peak, mango in mango & sago, garlic chicken at Pang’s Kitchen, Sift’s signature chocolate cake


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