Hello Philly!! Ten of the old & new on my list

I’m back in Philly for my final semester of b-school. It’s all gone so fast – it feels like only yesterday that I started this whole journey, packing up my life in Sydney and moving here. However, to quote someone famous, all good things must eventually come to an end. On that note, I’m excited to continue exploring the food scene in the land of the BYOB!


For starters, it looks like there have been many new openings – Zagat has their top 10 new restaurants of 2012 here. I’ve put together a quick list of 20 restaurants I want to hit up over the next semester – 10 of my old favourites as well as 10 new places I really want to try!

The Old  (in no particular order)

  1. Vic’s takeaway: yes, this remains my favourite takeout place in Philly! Love their sushi – I’ll be a regular of their 3 roll special and maybe the tuna appetiser. This was in fact my first meal on getting in to Philly 🙂
  2. Tinto: probably my favourite restaurant in Philly – just love their tapas menu, especially the scallops, mushrooms and patatas. Also their happy hour is amazing value, with great quality wine at $5 (what a bargain!)
  3. Han Dynasty: can Chinese food (well, in the west) get any better? This has got to be my favourite Chinese restaurant of all time – love!
  4. Porcini: A small, family run BYOB, Porcini has in my opinion the best Italian food in Center City. Love their scallops and gnocci.
  5. El Rey: my go to place for cheap but extremely tasty Mexican food. Love the tortilla soup and fish tacos. I’m keen to finally try out their happy hour – $1 tacos and $4 margharitas – how can you go wrong?
  6. Talula’s: a favourite in terms of fine dining, I love the seasonal menu a the freshness of all the ingredients in their dishes.
  7. Sabrina’s: arguably Center City’s best known brunch spot, the long wait at this Italian Market gem is worth it…for the huge sized breakfast dishes. My fave is the heuvos racheros 🙂
  8. Parc: I just love the atmosphere at Parc – overlooking the park, filled to the brims for brunch and buzzing with energy. Love their eggs benedict for breakfast and cheese platter with some wine in the evening
  9. Elixir Cafe: my favourite coffee shop! Excited to check out the new and larger location off 16th street. Love the mochas and hummus sandwiches here.
  10. Creperie Beaumonde: this is another ambience restaurant – just love the bistro style feel of this place…not to mention the lemon crepes and the mimosas!

The New

  1. Lemon Hill: a little corner restaurant near the Art Museum, a food enthusiast friend said it’s the best brunch in Philly, with must try items being the brown sugar french toast and the pork belly & eggs
  2. Vernick: a new wine bar/restaurant opened up in front of the Wanamaker – I’ve walked past it countless times already, would be keen to go for either a glass of wine or a meal.
  3. Pumpkin: not a new restaurant, but many of my friends have been raving about it for the innovative menu and the fresh and seasonal ingredients used.
  4. Jamonera: replacing Marcie Turney’s Bindi, this new tapas bar is supposed to have great tapas and drinks. How will it compare to Tinto?
  5. Hop Sing Laundromat: love the name of this new Chinatown cocktail bar, where all drinks are supposedly priced at a flat $10!
  6. Barbuzzo: been wanting to go forever, but never could get a reservation. Excited to hear what all the fuss is about – apparently their pizzas are delicious
  7. 1 Tippling Place: a new cocktail bar/lounge that has opened up on Chesnut St.
  8. The Industry: another new joint on Chesnut St, replacing that underwhelming restaurant starting with K in front of Noche (cant quite remember the name…). Apparently a casual gastropub, it’s supposed to have a great beer and cocktail selection.
  9. Federal Donuts: can donuts and fried chicken really be that good? Apparently so. I still need to be convinced.
  10. Bistro St Tropez: previously I hadn’t heard of this place, but one of my foodie friends has been wanting to try this, so I’ve put it on my list too 🙂 How can one go wrong with French food?

Happy eating!


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