Kazbah – Top Ryde a very underwhelming experience

Kazbah (Top Ryde) – Top Ryde Shopping Centre, Cnr Devlin St & Blaxland Rd, Ryde. http://www.kazbah.com.au

I got back to Sydney and the first brunch place I wanted to try was Kazbah…Balmain. However, the Top Ryde one was a lot more convenient for everyone so decided to meet there. In the past, I’ve found this one comparable to the Balmain one in terms of food, despite the ambience being less appealing.

The lamb mince tagine

The lamb mince tagine

My first qualm about this place is that the service was very average – we had to ask the waiter for the menu, to order, and water. However, I was waiting eagerly for my staple from Kazbah – the lamb mince tagine and the Moroccan tea. The tea was very disappointing – maybe because I had recently been to Morocco and had tasted the amazing mint tea there, or maybe it was just plain bland and watered down. More importantly, the tagine arrived but I was shocked to see that it no longer arrived in the tagine but in a saucepan (pictured above). A KAZBAH BREAKFAST TAGINE JUST ISN’T THE SAME IF ITS NOT SERVED IN A TAGINE!! Tastewise, it was good, but didn’t have the WOW factor that it usually has. Even the turkish bread was not as thick as it used to be.

I dont know if Kazbah is going down in quality or if it’s the effect of opening multiple branches without ensuring the same quality of the original branch. All of this told me to stick to Balmain. The ambience is beautiful – the space is filled with light and is always buzzing. The food has never disappointed me there.

the verdict: 6/10 – do yourself a favour and go to the balmain one!

don’t forget to order: the breakfast tagine – the lamb mince if you eat meat, or the roast pumpkin if you’re veggie

to try next time: french toast w bacon, glazed figs, double cream and apple cinnamon syrup

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