Kepos St Kitchen – a Redfern gem with a Mediterranean twist

Kepos St Kitchen – 96 Kepos Street, Redfern.

What do you get when you combine a cute corner spot in the leafy side of Redfern with a couple of ex-Bathers Pavilion chefs and managers? Oh, and an owner/chef who hails from Tel Aviv. You get a remarkably charming cafe that distinguishes itself not only with its casual and laid-back atmosphere, but also creative menu that has an undoubtedly Mediterranean influence, no doubt as a result of the owner’s heritage.

Arriving at 12 noon on a Sunday morning, we had just missed the breakfast menu (only available til 11.30, even on weekends). The advantage was that we were at that cross-over point between breakky and lunch so managed to avoid a long line and ended up waiting only around 15 minutes. Kepos St Kitchen is quite a cosy cafe, so beware peak breakfast times may warrant a long wait, with queues spotted extending round the corner.


Clockwise from top left: Trademark sign from outside, menu, the charming exterior, one of the many nice touches to the interior

Unlike many cafes that specialise in breakfast, Kepos Street Kitchen had quite an extensive lunch menu, with a nice variety of salads, meatier options and stews. We were in the mood for something more substantial than a salad. What we ate:

  • Shakshuka of gently baked eggs w tomatoes and coriander tahini ($~16): this was the daily special, however, our waitress mentioned that this was a staple on the previous menu and very popular with customers. An easy sell. It didn’t disappoint – it was delicious and loved the blend of tomato and coriander with the spices.
  • Spicy chickpea and lamb shank stew, soft eggs, preserved lemon oil, toast ($19): a tasty dish, a nice combination of lamb & chickpeas. My only reservation was this wasn’t as spicy as the title sounds, could do with a bit more bite
  • Fig and mascarpone tart ($4): a surprisingly refreshing treat, the standout being the fluffy pastry that lifts the dish
  • Brownie w white halva ($4): another yummy treat, it’s hard not to notice the baked goods on the counter as you enter
Clockwise from top left:

Clockwise from top left: the Shakshuka, chickpea and lamb shank stew,

the verdict: 8.5/10 – love the concept, food and casual vibe. a big plus is the extensive menu (breakfast, lunch & dinner) that will ensure you have a reason to come back

don’t forget to order: the shakshuka

to try next time: would love to come back for breakfast or dinner – both menus look extremely enticing. on the lunch menu, the ksk churros w salted caramel would be another bet for next time 🙂

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