Baker Bros – cafe or bar, take your pick!

Baker Bros – Shop 1, 56-58 York Street, Sydney.

Weekday dining in the CBD is usually not the most inspiring experience, usually involving grabbing a quick bite to eat at the food court in order to avoid a lengthy affair at a cafe/restaurant. What’s a hard balance to find is a good cafe / restaurant that not only serves great food, but allows diners to finish the whole process comfortably within an hour and isn’t taxing on the wallet.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a place that does all of this – Baker Bros. The space is really clean and also warm, albeit lacking a large amount of seating. It was also nice that there wasn’t a large queue outside…yet. I’m sure that will change in the near future once more and more people discover this place. While the enticing breakfast and lunch menu, complete with rotating specials, stands out for sure, it’s also the drinks menu that is impressive. Good coffee, a nice selection of wine and craft beer, as well as mulled wine and hot toddy for winter is certainly impressive!

photo 1

What we ate and drank:

  • Beef cheek ‘cheeseburger’ – slow cooked beef cheek, melted cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, house made tomato relish & a mustard mayo on brioche ($12): seems like the signature order here, it certaintly did not disappoint! There aren’t too many places in Sydney that gets a basic cheeseburger right – BB certainly does!
  • Pork belly sandwich – twice cooked pork belly, caramelised in house made barbecue sauce with coleslaw & herbs on sourdough ($15): another great choice, loved the combination of the pork and the sauce
  • Soup of the day ($11): was chicken on this particular occasion, not as noteworthy as the beef or pork sandwiches, but nevertheless solid

Clockwise from top left: the beautiful menu, beef cheek cheeseburger, soup of the day, pork belly sandwich

A really great find – a versatile cafe that could easily double as a bar in the late afternoon, with super friendly staff – this is definitely worth a try in the Sydney CBD. Must go back for the mulled wine and hot toddy!

the verdict: 8.5/10 – a perfect spot for a CBD lunch or after work drink

don’t forget to order: beef cheek burger – definitely the crowd favourite!

to try next time: mulled wine and hot toddy

Baker Bros. on Urbanspoon


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