LuMi Dining – a makeover for Pyrmont wharfside dining

LuMi Dining – 56 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont.

Pyrmont’s dining scene has undergone a makeover in recent times, driven largely by the refurbishment of Star City into what is now known as simply, The Star. The most recent addition to this phenomenon is the space that was formerly occupied by Ripples, replaced by an Italian fine dining restaurant called LuMi Dining.

‘Lumi’ is Italian for small lights; you definitely notice small lights dot the beautiful interior as you walk in. More conspicuous is the light filled, elegant space which is enclosed by wall to ceiling glass walls, showcasing the beautiful Pirrama Wharf and numerous boats docked alongside.

The stunning entrance

The stunning entrance

The food can be described as Italian fine dining with a Japanese influence, no doubt a combination of Chef Andrea Lorenzo’s Italian roots and career at Ormeggio at the Spit and also his training in Tokyo. We decided to try the four course Sunday lunch ($49), a great way to sample the creativity of Chef Lorenzo’s offering without going into uncontrollable food coma or breaking the bank.

The Lumi four course lunch experience:

  • Italian Chawanmushi: “Chawanmushi” literally means tea cup steam in Japanese and is an egg custard dish in Japan. This dish is an absolutely delicious take on the traditional Japanese dish, with the light custardy base being complimented really well (both taste and texture wise) by the enokitake mushrooms.
  • Eggplant w pistachio, tempura: while tasty, compared to the rest of the meal, this dish was somewhat ordinary. The eggplant was well cooked and seasoned – it would make a perfectly good dish at any decent restaurant.
  • Stinging Nettle Chitarra w mussel cream, crispy pork, fennel pollen: rumoured to be one of LuMi’s signature dishes, this was a really creative and bold dish. The stinging nettle flavoured pasta was one of the most unique I’ve ever had. The dish overall was on the salty side due to this, with the mussel cream and crispy pork tempering that effect. Overall a very interesting dish with a bold flavour, hard to decide if it’s a dish that I would come back for.
  • Milk Ice Cream w sour cherry, citrus sabayon, milk crumble, cocoa powder: seeing ‘milk ice cream’ as the dessert course on the menu would naturally tend to disappoint, setting very low expectations for dessert. How surprised we were! This was an absolute stunner of a dessert – the highlight of the meal. The neutral milk ice cream, which by the way was divine, was complemented so beautifully by the acidity of the citrus sabayon and the texture of the milk crumble.

A point of note: the menu for 2015 seems to have changed slightly, with the 8 course degustation being available for dinner and Sunday lunch, the 4 course degustation for lunch Thursday – Saturday, and the a la carte bar style menu available for lunch and dinner most days.

The food

Clockwise from top left: Italian Chawanmushi, Eggplant, Milk Ice Cream, Stinging Nettle Chitarra

The interior & exterior

The interior & exterior

the verdict: 8/10 – an extremely creative take on Italian fine dining with a Japanese twist

don’t forget to order: the milk ice cream – this is a dish that I would definitely go back for!

to try next time: the 8 course degustation menu

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