Edition Coffee Roasters – Nordic & Japanese fusion breakfast

Edition Coffee Roasters – 265 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst. http://editioncoffeeroasters.com/

There are new cafes popping up every week in Sydney, so I was not surprised to hear a friend suggest a cafe that I hadn’t heard of – Edition Coffee Roasters in Darlinghurst. Yet another new cafe in Darlinghurst, I thought. It was, however, far from what I was expecting.

The cafe is not easy to spot – having been dropped off at the corner of Liverpool and Crown Streets, I crossed the road headed in the direction of a cafe with a crowd outside, only to find that it was not the one I was after. I crossed the road diagonally to arrive at a cafe with an entrance, however no name in sight, so I had to ask the hostess if this was indeed Edition Coffee Roasters. I clearly missed the ‘Edition’ nameplate on the awning above.

The space is very Scandinavian – clean, contemporary and minimalist. It’s a nice space, although very small. I was pleased to find there was no wait at 11am on a Saturday morning. One look at the menu was enough to get my attention – familiar Australian breakfast dishes such as eggs benedict or baked eggs were nowhere in sight. Instead, the menu presented itself with vastly unfamiliar dishes such as Smorrebrod, Grott & Glogg, Oden (Japanese stew) and Fisksoppa (Nordic fish soup) that were a fusion between Japanese and Nordic cuisine. I was pleased to see a wide range of teas available, no doubt as a result of its Japanese influence.

Table for two

What we ate & drank:

  • Yakuza’s Breakfast – hot cakes, pepper roasted pineapple, miso butterscotch, sakura creme friache ($17): not sure what to expect by the combination of ingredients, I was incredibly happy to see how they tasted together. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not too sweet – the pineapple and miso butterscotch balanced each other really well.
  • Porco Rollo – smoked and braised Berkshire pork, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), ginger slaw, white miso BBQ sauce, brioche ($13): I was really disappointed with this dish – I was expecting a good brioche, however what the dish came with was nothing more than a plain roll – I should have guessed given it was called ‘porco rollo’. This dish to me was nothing more than an ordinary pulled pork roll that you would get at a stall at a food festival.
  • Cinnamon scroll ($4): the scroll was tasty, however a little too dry for my liking.
  • Chai ($4.50): beautifully presented in a large black pot with a clay tea cup, the chai was delicious
  • Batch brew ($3.50): the coffee was definitely a standout
Clockwise from top left: chai, hot cakes, cinnamon scroll, porco rollo

Clockwise from top left: chai, hot cakes, cinnamon scroll, porco rollo

the verdict – 6.5/10: overall disappointing on the food front. would like to try a few more dishes to do the place justice 

dont forget to order: Yakuza’s breakfast – hot cakes like you’ve never had before!

to try next time: black rice – lemon curd, sweet pickled lemon, raw chocolate ($14)


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